The Great Driving Experience Part II

Posted by dreamz2achieve on 7/19/2009

I am back with a second article on my ultimate, mind rocking experience on the Delhi roads these days. As a general thumb rule, practical learning is always very different and more benficial than the theoretical learning. This is a well known fact. But i had no idea, that this thumb rule would be so aptly applicable to driving. When I started driving, I knew all the basic rules quite well - wear your seat belt, never overtake from the wrong side, speed limits, etc, etc..
But I came to know the actual rules of the game only once I started driving. And the best thing is that there is not a single book where these rules ae written but they are followed very religiously on the roads. Some of these interesting rules are (for the benefit of all those who will start driving new):
  • Use of mobile phones is banned while driving and not riding. Thus, it is perfectly legal for bicycle riders to use mobiles phones even while they are in the midst of a crossing.
  • Speed limit of 50 is for car drivers and not for Auto rickshaw pilots.
  • It is absolutely sane, if two car drivers decide to stop in the midst of a busy road to fight over a small scratch accident and jam the traffic for the next two hours on the road.
  • Auto rickshaws will and always do overtake from the wrong side. Its a basic lesson they have to pass when they enter the profession.
  • You should always align your car in the lane with the shortest queue at a crossing irrespective of the fact which direction you have to go. You can always change lanes and go in the opposite direction when the traffic start moving and block the traffic behind you.
  • Parking attendants in markets know a vanishing act. They would vanish when you reverse the car and get it back on the road with much trouble, but would appear back the very second you have completed the herculean task to claim the 10 ruppee note which they have earned by showing you the vanishing act.
  • Cars develop automatic wings when the red light at the crossing stops working. Why else would all the sane drivers get their cars to the middle of the crossing from all directions and jam the way ahead.
  • If only 1 second is left for the green light to turn red and you are still 100 metres away from the crossing, then you will be able to cross the road in the nick of the time if you horn like a mad person at the car ahead.

The list of all such unsaid rules go on and on. Hope you enjoyed the above. Would get back to you with more such interesting rules soon.

Disclaimer: The above article has been written with the intention of bringing a smile on the faces of its readers only. There is no intent to hurt anyone. :)


Comment by smita on July 22, 2009 at 8:26 AM

hey Pooja never doubted your KSA's n your blog has firmed my belief...well talking about your recent post(great driving experience) it indeed is a great piece of work(although i am more interested in knowing the other part of the story i.e the experiences of ppl who share the road with you wen u driving he he he) but m really impressed by the way u made uncle understand wat SIX SIGMA really means.Really smart....

Comment by Akash on July 22, 2009 at 8:43 AM

tchwd i have no one hear who has some1 rltd to him/her in the BBMP. NEwayz.. a very intrinsic thought to start blogging with.But being a guy i can only enjoy half of the rules mentioned herein. :( Hope you come out with something more beneficiAL to US in you next blog. :d
Amazing start!!!! Keep it up..

Comment by dreamz2achieve on July 22, 2009 at 9:09 AM

Hi Smita and Akash...

Thanx a lot for the encouraging words..good to hear that you liked the posts...continue visiting the blog and I will keep you thrilled with more interesting articles :) :)

Comment by Anonymous on August 22, 2011 at 9:43 PM

Good observation! liked it!


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