My Anu aunty moment!

Posted by dreamz2achieve on 9/27/2012

I recently read an interesting book (thanks to my cousin who gifted it to me) - "How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company". After a long time, I truly enjoyed a book from first page to last page and completed it in one day in one go. The book has been lingering in my mind from the day I read it and have been ever laughing secretly in my mind everytime I am reminded of an Anu aunty event of my life. It amazes me how we all have some Anu aunty characters in our life, but fail to notice them. Well, if you do not have an idea about the Anu aunty character of this life, I seriously recommend that you go ahead and read this book. You will not regret reading this book.

Well, this blog post is not exactly a book review. This is to describe an Anu aunty moment I faced today. In my case, it was'nt exactly Anu aunty, but an uncle. Met some relatives after a long time and you can expect the regular interview questions - "Beta, kya kar rahe ho?", "Kahan job karte ho" and then popped in the question they most wanted to ask - "Beta package kitna milta hai?". My mind goes bonkers when someone asks me this. Why is this question so important to everyone and even if it is, is it really something one should ask. Anyways, I did what I always do - told them the exact figure (true one). The moment the figure came out of my mouth, oh!!... I could see the gleam in their eyes. He launched into an elaborate description of his son's salary. He relished the fact that though younger than me, their son was earning much more than me. In the next ten minutes I came to know his joining package, joining bonus, extra perks and even the extra pay he got while he was in US of A for three months ( oh yes he has the USA tag!). And then a different analysis started -
"Beta tumne MBA kyon kiya"....
and I answered..."Umm..well I wanted to"...
"Beta, kya saal waste karo, aur phir package mein bhi jyada farak nahi".

Yes, everything boils down to one thing. Anyways, this post is not to vent out my anger because I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I dedicate this post to all Anu auntys of India.


Comment by Mirza Ghalib on August 4, 2013 at 10:26 AM

This book is like one should really have read by every youngster.....
it Depicts the ideology of todays young minds and how they have go above the shallow thinking of the Society and emerge from the Grounds created by the Society - in society i also Include our Parents- becoz we r the only one who change the thinking.
And this artifact- i must say- does that i very profound Way......

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