Fate, Fraud & a Friday Wedding: Book review

Posted by dreamz2achieve on 5/27/2011

This is my first book review on this blog, though I have been wanting to do this for some time.

Fate, Fraud and a Friday Wedding written by Bhavna Rai (who is an ex-Adobean) was a book which captured my undivided attention after a long time.
I love reading books and have been reading fiction since fourth standard. I started with Enid Blytons and reached Sidney Sheldons and Jeffery Archers. Since ever, I have followed the rule to not put down an unfinished book. However bore it may be I always make it a point to complete it if I have started it. So, the very first criterion, which I use to rate a book is did I have to finish the book because of my rule or was the book interesting enough to keep me glued to it. Fate, Fraud and a Friday Wedding faired excellently well on this judgement criterion. I had to make no effort to complete the book.

Kudos to Bhavna Rai (author) for breaking the trend and not being another Chetan Bhagat inspired author. I seriously feel that almost everybody is fed up of reading college life descriptor, grammar less novels by newbie authors trying their hand at writing just because Chetan Bhagat struck gold.

The novel starts off with multiple stories mushrooming in different parts of the world in varied scenarios and settings. As we move on in the novel, these stories subtly start crossing paths with each other and in the end unravel into a single story. It is indeed commendable the way this novel has been able to maintain the flow of each of these individual stories and then seamlessly transition them into each other.

The storyline has a backdrop of the Indian IT & ITes industry and gives some great insights into its working. Every IT professional would surely find instances in the novel to which he may relate to easily. Much of the story takes place in Delhi and the easy dropping of names of Delhi joints (which only a true Delhihite would be aware of) makes the novel more realistic. It is interesting the way the novel's characters have been handpicked to depict real people and not just the type of people you would read about in books. The novel very beautifully gives you a view into the thought processes, states of mind of people trying to solve the unending tangle of career, passions, love and life changing events.

My 2 cents

 I would rate the book as an excellent and a refreshing read. The only slight issue about this book which caught my eye was the book's lack of visibility in the market. There needs to be a stronger marketing and promotion campaign for such a great product. :)


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