Reliving Cherished Memories

Posted by dreamz2achieve on 1/02/2011

I have always heard people saying that how they miss their childhood, college life, etc, etc. How they wish they could just return back to that life once more. Well, I have surely had my share of good moments (ok not good but great moments) in life and the ones closest to my heart are my engineering college days.
Recently I got a chance to visit my college. This was after a span of more than three years since the college's last day. I was visiting family in a nearby city and the visit to the college was an instant plan. No surprises, that butterflies started flying in my stomach just at the thought of seeing the same campus to which I had bid adieu.
Got up early in the morning, got dressed up in my favorite pair of Levis Jeans and a bright pink ZooZoo T-shirt. Yes, the colors and theme of my clothes clearly reflected my mood. To say it simply, I was overjoyed. The slight rhythm in my walk, a song on my lips, sparkle in my eyes and the persistent smile was saying it all.
Well after an hour long drive throughout which my mind was just filled with nostalgic thoughts, I reached college. Yes, there it was. The building stood tall and strong with open doors and a long pathway which led to the main building. Everything was same and I could almost feel each and every atom of that place shouting out to me and saying that it recognize me the same way I recognize them. I walked down the same path which I had walked down infinite times before, avoiding the big tree in the middle of the path which was still there, stealing a glance towards the student's store to see if any friends were standing there, walking further ahead I came in view of the most cherished and also the most visited place during the college days - Coffee Corner. This was the place, I believe, I had never missed even on a single day during college, irrespective of the fact that I attended classes or not. I came to the turn which led to the Coffee Corner and the same dilemma crossed my mind, which had zipped through my mind about a zillion times before - To take the turn towards the Coffee Corner or not and continue ahead towards the classes. My heart took the same decision which it had taken a zillion times before - A quick coffee is only gonna give me better concentration in the classes (my mind reasoned) ;) .
As I now walked towards the Coffee Corner, my mind actually conjured up the faces of all my friends right there. Oh yes, I could now clearly see all of them. Some of them were sitting on those black plastic chairs and red tables, bags hanging by the side, a cup of coffee in one hand and frenziedly copying away lab notebooks at the last minute with not even a remote idea of what was written. I could hear the plans of a movie going on in between the bites of paneer patties and knew that my plans to attend the day's classes were now over. Oh, did I just hear the sound of an Activa stopping right outside the Coffee Corner. I looked out and yes rest of my gang was there.
Before I could wave to them, I heard a very familiar voice and somehow I felt that though close this was coming from a distant time altogether. I shook myself back from my fantasy land and came back to the present life. The voice belonged to none other than, but Raju Bhaiya of Coffee Corner. Yes he had too recognized me and I soon realized that he was not a face conjured up by my mind but he was there for real. He was quick to update me on the latest news he had about my batchmates. I treated my cousins (who had accompanied me on this enchanting trip) with the same cold coffee and patties which had been life saviours from the horrible hostel food. I took my coffee and went and stood at my favorite place on the steps of Coffee Corner from where one could see the entire college (well at least the entire boys hostel :) ) and stealingly wiped out the single tear which had found a way to escape my otherwise tightly shut eyes and had trickled down my face.

Though only for a few moments I had relived my cherished memories.


Comment by Parul on January 2, 2011 at 6:09 AM

Nostalgic Feeling....Poo love you

Comment by Anonymous on January 2, 2011 at 6:26 AM

Great Post in the New Year! After reading your post, I could recollect cherished memories of my engineering days. Needless to say how nostalgic it feels after revisiting those golden moments!

Comment by vikrish on January 3, 2011 at 1:47 AM

Nice composition...reminds me so much of my college also (except for the fact and sadly girl's hostel was never in sight from our canteen :)) - keep writing more!

Comment by Jignesh on February 20, 2011 at 12:55 AM

Missing my College days after reading this story.
Love Messages

Comment by Katrina Kaif on February 20, 2011 at 5:59 AM

This was Best post on memories and Thump up to u!!
Good one

Comment by Rahul Banerjee on May 26, 2011 at 12:50 PM

nice blog

Comment by MOHIT RATHOR on September 30, 2013 at 11:13 PM

How are you pooja


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