Two well-thought out rebranding exercises

Posted by dreamz2achieve on 7/12/2009

I am in love with the new Videocon green icon --- the dancing, cheerful 'V' of Videocon. The same was last year when Godrej introduced its new colorful logo.

Both the companies, in an attempt to maintain their prominence in people's mind and not be completely eliminated by new competition have given a shot at a complete brand makeover. And I must say that its a damn good shot!! Both have surely been successful in catching the consumer's eye.

So, is rebranding important?

Well, all marketing gurus have their own viewpoint on rebranding - its pros and cons, the right timing, etc. First of all, I must proclaim that I am no marketing guru and no expert in this field. My views are mine only and from the perspective of a layman - the final consumer to whom these rebranding campaigns are actually targeted :)

I feel that rebranding serves as an important tool to revive dormant brands or brands which were once successful but are now loosing their lustre. Rebranding campaigns are like reminder emails sent in a creative manner to the market. A well managed rebranding campaign backed by strong service rendering capability of an organization can really put the company at the front of the race.

Videocon & Godrej

I would openly proclaim these two as the most well-thought, well managed, excellently timed, rebranding campaigns.
Now what were the important elements of these two campaigns which have made them so successful:
  1. Excellent Timing: Both the rebranding exercises have excellent timing. The companies did not procastinate their rebranding till the time when the brands would have almost been clogged by the competitors. In that case it would have looked like a last attempt before the final decline. they did it at just the moment when a bit of dust was settling on their respective brands and were getting overshadowed by the newer fresher brands in the market.

  2. Freshness: Both the rebrandings signify freshness. Be it the vibrant new colors in their logos, the tangy jingle of Godrej, cute animation of Videocon,etc. This particular feature helps lift up the cobwebs of conventional and traditional company tags associated with these brands earlier.

  3. Launch at the right platforms: Both the rebranding campaigns associated themselves with huge events: IPL in case of Godrej and IIFA in case of Videocon. Associating themselves with such great events ensured that they got the necessary publicity to make their rebranding exercises a success and not go un-noticed.

  4. Right target market segment: A more important feature of launching at these platforms was that they were able to tap into the right market segments. They got the necessary attention from the Indian youth, the segment with the greatest buying potential in India and also maintain their connection with their earlier market segments.

That was all what I had to say about the two campaigns...Why not tell me your views now. The ball is in your court.


Comment by gaurav on July 16, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Ya, Rebranding is important. As the time passes people look for new products,to attract existing as well as new prospect it will not only help to improve sales but also make mark in mind of poeple that they are also updating with time.
We can see good example from Videocon ,BSA Lady bird,etc


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